Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sails Restaurant, Auckland

Just over a month ago, Jason and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and decided to go to the fanciest Auckland restaurant we could think of - Sails. 

Unlike the other restaurants that had popped up in Auckland in the recent years, Sails has been around for as long as I can remember. It doesn't do fusion or twists on old favourites -it just does good food. 

Peach Bellini - $18.50, Three Boys Brewery Wheat Beer - $15.50
I started the night off with a Peach Bellini made with a Cloudy Bay Pelorus. Although I couldn't see any peach puree in the glass, the flavour was definitely there. Jason opted for a Wheat Beer from Three Boys Brewery. 

Beef Carpaccio - $21.00
Entrees were quick to come. When the Beef Carpaccio arrived, it looked almost too good to eat! The thinly sliced beef had a smooth, melting texture while the capers and parmesan provided the salt. The micro salad gave the dish a nice freshness while fried onion pieces added a more earthy flavour.

Spiced Crayfish and Coconut Broth - $19.00
I am a huge sucker for crayfish bisque so I was very excited when our waiter listed the soup of the day. The flavour of the broth was intense, but very well balanced - the addition of coriander cut through the creaminess. Prawns and scallops slowly emerged as I drank the broth. Both were deliciously plump. My only complaint is that the bottom of the soup bowl was flat and it was hard to get the last few spoonfuls of broth!

Free Range Chicken - $38.00
The chicken breast was very tender and flavoured with a salty jus and serrano ham. The real star of this dish, however, was the forest mushroom risotto -it was cooked al-dente and each mouthful had an equal amount of mushroom and rice. The porcini powder further intensified its earthy flavour.

Hawkes Bay Lamb - $39.00
Jason's lamb dish looked like a piece of art. Balanced carefully on some roasted vegetables and nestled between dollops of pumpkin puree was the most tender pieces of lamb we had ever eaten. The saltiness of the jus and olives offset the creamy sweetness of the pumpkin puree. 

Baked Lemon Cream - $17.00
To finish, we ordered the baked lemon cream. To be prefectly honest, we were both incredibly full by this stage but didn't have the will to pass up the notion of dessert. The staff had also cottoned on to the fact we were on our anniversary, so our plate arrived with something special.

Like our other dishes, the flavours were intense -although, this time, they were a little too lemony. The circles of lemon cream were my favourite while I found the sorbet too acidic for my liking. 

By the time dessert had arrived, the sun had set and we were greeted with a beautiful view of the waterfront all lit up. One of the best things about Sails Restaurant is the amazing view from its position at the foot of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Naturally, we went for a stroll to walk off our massive dinner.

Sails is not somewhere you visit every day -I reserve it for very very special occasions only. While it is on the pricier side, I would argue that it is a bargain for what you get.

Sails Restaurant is located at: 103-113 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland

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  1. The risotto looks really interesting-even the individual grains look quite al dente like they haven't released all their creaminess yet. The food looks really good here!