Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grateful for Sundays 02

This Sunday, I am grateful for...

Bicycle tours at Aotea Square
A lot of my recent roading projects have been to improve the Auckland CBD for cyclists. It is very satisfying to see large groups of cyclists getting together to explore the city they would otherwise miss if they were in their vehicles. 

Fluffy, Oscar and Toby
My mother tells me that the reason I never had a pet as a child is because they are dirty. When I moved out, Jason told me that pets need responsible owners. I'm not sure if that meant he approved of me as a responsible owner or if it was just an excuse to have a human only house -so I got two guinea pigs named Toby and Oscar.

We got them from my friend Asia who, at one point, had about 15 pigs and was desperately trying to give them away. They each have their own individual personalities and it's funny to watch their chubby bodies waddle around the place.

Here they are, having a play date with Fluffy.

My grandma turned 75 last yesterday. We celebrated with a dinner at my uncle's house. Tomorrow, she will turn 75.005479 and we will celebrate with a dinner out.

Grandma has 2 birthdays every year (one for the lunar calendar and one for the normal calendar). It's a long story, but I certainly don't complain because it means 2 nights of celebrations!

This cost me less than $6
Lastly, I am grateful for supermarket specials. It probably doesn't make me the most exciting person, but I am certainly grateful that I can buy this much healthy food for less than the price of a return bus trip into the CBD.

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Dear Lucy,

    Thanks for sharing this post and congratulation to your grandma on her birthday. And supermarket specials like that is worthy of a great meal so I would be grateful for that too.

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandmother! And your guinea pigs are so adorable! I love the names that you gave them :D