Welcome to Lucyeats, a collection of restaurant reviews, stories, and recipes that explore the food journey of me, Lucy Abraham, and my friends. Born in China, I immigrated to New Zealand with my parents in 1995 and settled on the North Shore of Auckland where I am currently living. 

I am never seen without my phone and am always ready to take a snap of my meal. My friends and family have been well trained to wait for the food photo before digging in. 

By day, I work as a Civil Engineer and I have been designing roads and pavements for local and national government projects. A big passion of mine is cycleways and I love riding my bike through urban streets. When I'm not working, I blog, I travel, and I catch up with friends and family (always over food). My incredibly tolerant husband, Jason, serves as chief food companion and proof reads my blog posts before they are published.

Growing up in a Chinese family has taught me that most social gatherings center around food. With the myriad of traditional festivals and celebrations, my family and friends are often seen sharing stories and good food. 

There is always an excuse to gather around the dining table.

In May 2017, we welcomed a new addition to the family - baby Charlie. Although he doesn't yet feature so much in our food adventures, his presence brings us a great amount of delight. 

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