Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scullery, K Rd

I get a little panicky whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for lunch or dinner. My brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out what kind of food this person likes and what kind of setting they like to eat in -because, lets face it, their experience will be a reflection on how good my taste in food is. 

I am happy to report that, when it comes to cafes, I can now give a recommendation without any hesitation.

I first heard of Scullery last year, when it opened up near my workplace, and it had been on my "must visit" list ever since. The interior is industrial and hipster looking without being pretentious and the staff are are super friendly. 

Banana, maple and cinnamon smoothie - $7.00
I started out with the banana, maple and cinnamon smoothie while I browsed the menu. The three flavours were in perfect balance and it was just like drinking a pancake! This has become a real favourite of mine.

Forest mushroom ragu, buffalo haloumi and smoked garlic toast - $16.50
The mushroom ragu was absolute heaven. The soft mushrooms were a nice contrast to the crunchy crust and I was able to mop up the yummy sauce with the toast. The salty haloumi went well with the mild mushrooms.

Spiced wagyu mince on toast, avocado, cashews - $17.50
We thought the spiced wagyu mince was quite an unusual item to have at a cafe and naturally had to try it. The mince was subtly spiced with a nutty flavour and was quite nice on toast. A very nice way to jazz up mince on toast.

Chicken pie, white wine, chirvel - $16.50
What I loved most about the chicken pie was that it was filled to the brim with actual chicken, instead of being padded out with a lot of sauce. The flavours were quite mild but came to life when paired with the pickle. I would have like the pastry to be a bit more flaky as it kind of sagged when I tried to cut into it.

Beef short rib tacos, avocado, kimchi, mayo - $17.50
The beef tacos took the prize for the tastiest dish of the day. The beef short rib was delightfully tender, flavoursome and just went so well with the kimchi and pickle. The crunch and tangy flavour of the kimchi worked very well to offset the richness of the short rib.

Scullery is the perfect place to visit when you feel like something fancy. The menu is full of unique items which are all really delicious. It also has a zero waste policy which means nothing is wasted so you can feel good about going too :)

Scullery is located at 166 Karangahape Rd, Auckland CBD


  1. Mmmmmmmmm - love the look of those mushrooms and that pie - yes please!

  2. I get nervous too and also get anxious to hear whether they like it or not! :P That pie looks amazing!

  3. YUMMM.
    Delectable photos.
    I'm starved Now! x