Friday, June 13, 2014

Mekong Baby

Food envy is something I experience a lot. Nothing is worse than eating your delicious dish, just to look over at your companion who managed to order and even better meal and wondering if you're close enough yet to ask them for a bite...

...Sometimes eating out is stressful for me.

I usually dine with close friends who are quite used to me eyeing up their plates but tonight, Jason and I were catching up with Moody and meeting his girlfriend, Kylie, for the very first time. We arrived a little early and sat at an elevated table right next to the kitchen where we could watch the chefs make a million appetisers for a party that was happening upstairs. This also gave me time to fret about whether or not Kylie would like us, whether or not she would like Asian food and whether or not she would let me touch her food...

Ko Phi Le - $10
Thankfully, she is a pretty cool chick and didn't mind sharing - which was pretty lucky because our waiter explained that the mains are made to share! I started off with a Ko Phi Le which is a delicious concoction of jasmine tea, lychee, rose, lemon and green apple. The combination resulted in something that very closely resembles pineapple juice and I really liked the addition of actual lychees.

Braised Pork Belly - $26
I ordered the pork belly at the recommendation of our waiter and others who had been here before. It came in five big pieces that were caramelised just right to give it the beautiful candied flavour but not too much that it was hard to cut. Each bite just melted in my mouth. The crunchy asian slaw was a great addition - its sharp Thai flavours went very well with the rich flavours of the pork.

Prawn Jungle Curry - $30
Like a good boyfriend, Moody had pre-warned Kylie that his weird friend likes to take photos of her food -probably the same kind of warning that one gives before meeting the strange uncle for the first time... So when her curry arrived, she pushed it under the light where I could get the best picture. I think we'll get along quite well!

The Jungle Curry was light and fragrant, with strong flavours of lemongrass. The crunchy cabbage, sugar peas and baby corn were brought texture to the dish and I loved spooning the broth over my rice.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder - $26
I wasn't really sure how this dish was Asian, but was very impressed at how easily the lamb fell apart under my fork. After tasting the strong flavours of the other dishes, the mellow flavours of the lamb didn't impress as much -although we did manage to finish most of it! We also found that the salad lacked flavour and wasn't as exciting as the crunchy Asian salad.

Red Beef Curry - $26
Having never had a red curry before, I was very pleased that my first one was such a delightful experience. The pieces of beef were so tender and the sauce was very smooth, with flavours that just danced on the palette. 

Lime-Papaya Meringue Pie - $12
For dessert, Jason ordered a twist on the classic Lemon Meringue Pie, made with lime and papaya. To be honest, we didn't notice much of a difference but it was yummy nonetheless. 

Coconut and Burnt Palm Sugar Icecream Sundae with Lemongrass Jelly and Peanut Praline - $12
Moody reported that the peanut praline paired very well with his ice cream sundae while the lemon grass jelly was a nice texture change but wasn't really noticeable amongst the stronger flavours of the rest of the dish. I had one of the delicate jellies on its own and would have happily chowed down on a whole bowl!

Kaffir Lime and Ginger Chocolate Mousse - $12
Kylie ordered the chocolate mousse which, by far, was the most impressive looking dessert. However, the mousse resembled a dense chocolate cake and was a bit too rich to finish. 

Pandan and Ginger Panacotta - $12
My panacotta was beautifully smooth and had just the right amount of wobble to it. The pandan and ginger flavour was very delicate. My favourite was the thin and crispy sesame wafer which I thought went very well  -so much better than the large pieces of biscotti you usually get that over power such a light dessert.

With its modern twist on traditional south Asian cuisine, Mekong Baby is a must visit for anyone who loves food. Every dish was superb and it was clear that a lot of care had gone into creating them. We already have plans to visit again!

Mekong Baby can be found at: 262 Ponsonby Road, Ponsoby, Auckland


  1. Hehe maybe I sound like a hardass but I don't tend to eat out with people that don't like sharing! That way you avoid food envy and everyone gets to try lots of things :D

  2. Dear Lucy,

    Pork belly looks sensational and I think all my friends know they are not allowed to start before all photos are done :)

  3. I always have food envy when someone else orders something that looks better! Sounds like a fun meal of sharing.

  4. Dear Lucy,

    I did try to make a Thai style lamb shoulder some years back and flavour worked quite well.

  5. Yum that pork belly looks AMAZING! I always get food envy and I always take ages to order because I want to make sure I get the yummiest dish. I'm one of those annoying people that keeps telling the waiter to come back in just a few more minutes because I haven't made my mind up.