Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cafe People

I don't often wander into Ponsonby for breakfast but when I do, it has to be good. 

Jason and I visited Cafe People on a cold Sunday morning because we had a Zomato voucher and were in the area for a little shopping. I first visited a few months ago for a great lunch and was quietly optimistic for this breakfast experience.

The interior is modern, with simple furniture. We admired the spray painted murals on the wall while we waited for our drinks. 

Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte
We were quite pleased with our drinks which were not sickly sweet as we've experienced at other cafes. Jason's hot chocolate had a good amount of cocoa while my chai was wonderfully spicy.

Hash Cake - $17.50
I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when my Hash Cake arrived. The plating looked a bit sloppy and the bright yellow hollandaise sauce scared me a little. 

Luckily, the flavours were spot on. The hash cake was made up both diced and mashed potato which gave it a great texture. The mushrooms were well seasoned and the egg was perfectly poached. The only let down was the slightly sour hollandaise.

Classic Breakfast - $22.00
Jason's Classic Breakfast was quite similar to my breakfast with the addition of a pork and fennel sausage, roasted tomatoes and toasted ciabatta bread. The plating was more appetising than the hash cakes and the taste was great! The sausage was delicious while the tomatoes added a nice burst of flavour to the rest of the meal. 

We left Cafe People very full and pretty satisfied. The hot drinks were great and the food, despite the plating, was great!

Cafe People is located at 38 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Lucy and Jason dined with a voucher from Zomato.


  1. The big breakfast does look good and I agree about the plating of the hash cakes (which make me think of the other kind of hash cakes! :P).

  2. Great review, I love Zomato so much at the moment, it's so easy to use and love the blogger meetups as well :)

  3. That looks like a really hearty breakfast! Can't say no to poached eggs and mushrooms.

  4. i LOVE chai. the food doesn't look too shabby either. :)

  5. I love breakfast and I love breakfast places because I don't have to cook from the morning! :D Chai and Classic Breakfast would be my order here. :D

  6. The tomato and mushrooms look yummy! That's one yellow looking hollandaise though - wonder if it's natural or assisted..