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The worst thing about mid-semester break is the fact that it is actually not a break. Contrary to popular belief, the mid-semester "break" is the two weeks given in the middle of the semester to catch up on the massive pile of work that has inevitably formed some sort of towering structure on your bedroom floor. You have no choice. This always happens. Don't fight it. Just accept it.

Hum on a sunny day
The best thing about it is the chance to catch up with friends and the yummy food you get to try in the process. One thing I have noticed lately is the gradual change that Highbury is making from an abandoned mall with weird little shops to quite a trendy area with fancy cafes and gourmet food shops. Now if only we could get rid of the loitering teenagers..

The perfect view to judge people. Don't give me that look, you do it too!
Every time I drive through the new Highbury I must resist the urge to pull over to have a nosey but, alas, I never find the time or the weather is just not the nicest. Today, however, I was offered the chance to pick and I knew I had to go to the cafe with the cool as bench on the footpath overlooking the other shops and pedestrians. I had no idea what it was called -all I knew was that I would get to enjoy a meal in the sunshine whilst being able to comment on the dishevelled mothers pushing their babies around or the teenageers who are showing waaay too much skin. OMG, I am getting old.

Fresh NZ Scallop Pie -$8.50

 Anyway, I digress, this isn't about the rude comments we made. It's about the FOOD. Formerly the Palm Cafe, the new owners have refurbished the cafe into the more trendy and modern "Hum."

Look! Real scallops! There were more than one!

After spending about 10 minutes oooh-ing and ahh-ing at the cabinet food, I was faced with the excrutiating task of choosing between ordering off the menu or from the cabinet. After another 10 minutes of deciding, I finally settled on the gorgeous fresh NZ scallop pie. This was possibly the best decision I made all day. The creamy white sauce fully brought out the flavour of the scallops (there was more than one!) and enhanced by the presence of silverbeet while the crunchy salad added a nice change of texture. Oh yeah, I even chomped down the onion -the pie was really good!

Eggs Benedict with portabella mushroom, avocado and spinach -$15.50
Francesca had given up sweets and meat for lent and hence had to settle for the vegetarian options. Luckily, the eggs benedict with grilled portabella mushroom, avocado and spinach was to die for. "Don't forget to add that the hollandaise is amazing and tastes homemade!" says Francesca -"Oh, and the ciabatta bread is so fresh!"

Roast pumpkin, spinach and feta filo -$8.50
At this point, Jason could not resist my boasting of my yummy lunch and joined us for a late lunch of filo pastry filled with roast pumpkin, spinach and feta. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to expectations as it was a little bland although it was made a little better by the presence of onion chutney.

This or cabinet food? Such a tough choice
Hum can be found in the heart of Highbury at 6 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead, North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand.

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    We literally drove past you guys when you were eating this food!