Thursday, December 16, 2010

All grown up

Today is a Wednesday. Grace and I are proud mothers today. Seriously.

Not because it's a Wednesday. Not because we're pregnant. But because it's Kate's graduation day! To celebrate, we went to a special brekky at "Capers" and later on to "Saigon Van" for dinner with her family.

As we went inside, we were greeted by trendy salsa music, a warm atmosphere and really pretty photos of New Zealand for sale. 

Photos up for sale
Overly excited about the "Make your own breakfast"
We had originally decided to go to another cafe up the road for breakfast but their menu was very much lacking in variety so Kate suggested Capers which had a large selection. Am very satisfied. 

Kate's "Miner's Special" ($16.50)
Blueberry Smoothie ($6)

Kate's "Miner's Special" arrived first. It came with bacon, breakfast sausages and a hash brown all sitting on top of 2 MASSIVE pancakes. We did not anticipate the meal to be so large and she had to take half of it home. She is actually eating the leftovers right now.. The breakfast sausages tasted quite floury but, other than that, it was delish!

Grace's French Toast ($14)
The french toast was, originally, meant to come with fruit salad and yoghurt but, wanting a proper breakfast, Grace asked for bacon instead. Look at all the bacon she got! I forgot to ask her how her meal was. I was just excited by the shipload of bacon on her plate (with no extra charge!).

My Eggs Benedict ($15.50)

This was the best eggs benedict I've ever had. Hands down. The hollandaise sauce was creamy with only a hint of lemon. It was served on top of lightly toasted ciabatta bread (MUCH better accompaniment than boring old toast) with a side of bacon and a hash brown. I found the hash brown to be quite oily but Kate didn't mind the super deep-fried-ness though.

I love lamp.

Their lunch menu also looked quite amazing and, again, we were surprised at how reasonable the prices were. I found myself wishing we could spend more time in Dunedin so we could come back for lunch..

Also very impressed by the giant bottle of maple syrup on our table. Unfortunately, I couldn't persuade anyone to drink it..

We were very satisfied with our meals and had to sit down for about half an hour afterwards because we ate too much. It was OK though, there was plenty of art to look at and a map where you could mark where you were from.

Where are you from?

Will post about our dinner at Saigon Van when I get home. 

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  1. Ok, I lied. I'm too tired from the flight. Will post about Saigon Van tomorrow. But early tomorrow!