Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Student Life

So it's a lovely, sunny day outside and what am I doing? Sitting in the lounge with the curtains drawn, trying to read tiny writing as I try to type this out on my iPhone. I'm actually waiting for Grace to wake up.

Let me explain. Grace and I flew down to the student town of Dunedin (NZ) for our friend Kate's graduation.

Since Kate works everyday, we've been forced to entertain ourselves. Despite being told there's not much here in the way of tourism, we manage to find a range of activities like VISITING CADBURY WORLD!!

Me standing in front of a Cadbury Crunchie mountain. Jealous?

Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed on the tour so I had to leave my most Asian accessory in our tour guide's locker..

We were taken through the working factory and shown chocolate through its processing and packing stages. It was almost like walking through Willy Wonka's factory -but instead of Oopma Loompas, there were about 10 white clothed people per assembly line putting together boxes and packing chocolate. It's hard to imagine that this was once a prestigious job to have.

Throughout the tour, we were given lots of free chocolate and reward for answering quizzes. We were, at last, taken to the Jaffa room where we got to see them being made and even taste melted, creamy dairy milk chocolate. Verdict? A+ tour, would partake again. Great value for only $16!

My awesome goodie bag (The mint drinking chocolate and rolly things were from the gift shop)

Our tour ended at the gift shop where every single Cadbury product was on sale. I can't help but feel a little disappointed when I realise that it's not much cheaper than Cadbury products at the supermarket. I do, however, leave with a few mint related goodies as they are my boyfriend's favourites. Also.. Earrings made by the Otago Miniaturists Society! (You have NO idea how much this excites me!)

Every king sized chocolate available

Made by the Otago Miniaturist Society Awesome.

Another thing Grace and I were particularly taken aback by was the price of good quality cafe food in Dunedin. We come from Auckland where a cup of decent coffee costs $5 and cafe meals are almost unaffordable.

The cheap menu make us suspicious..

We stopped off at "The Art of Craft of Fine Beer and Food" which is right in the heart of the city centre. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the prices -$15 gets you next to nothing in Auckland cafes (both in quality and quantity) but we were both pleasantly surprised when our dishes were served.

I ordered the craft hotpot ($15) which had bits of beef steak that had been stewed with veggies and served on the fluffiest potato mash I've ever had! The beef was very tender and the tomato based sauce that came with it complimented the mash quite well, although it was lacking muchly in vegetables (I think I counted 4 bits of cauliflower in total).

Craft Hotpot "Tender seared chunky beef steak slowly braised with a medly of vegetables; served with seasoned mash"
Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Sandwich

Grace ordered the chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich ($14). Pretty self explanatory. You know it's a good deal when you end up with more chicken than bread!

Things learned:
  • I probably could have saved around $1000 in my 3 years of uni had I dined at Dunedin cafes instead of Auckland. (I will do the math when I get home)
  • Kate's is the only non-gross flat in Dunedin
  • New Zealanders eat, on average, 4kgs of chocolate per year; Australians eat 8kgs and Erupeans eat 12kgs -fatties..
  • Cadbury makes easter eggs nonstop from June to January which is all eaten in the space of one week

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