Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grateful for Sundays 13

Jason and I have been back from our China trip for about a month and haven't really had a chance to catch our breath until today. The thing about being on holiday is that life back home doesn't really stop so we've had a lot of work to catch up on and friends to catch up with.

So now that I've caught my breath, here are some things I'm grateful for this Sunday...

City to Sea Bridge, Wellington
We traveled down to Wellington on our first weekend back for a conference and took the opportunity to explore the town. The city always puts on good weather when we visit and I managed to take this picture of the City to Sea Bridge on our way to dinner.

Demented Architecture, City Gallery Wellington
We also partook in the Demented Architecture exhibit at the City Gallery Wellington. Jason and I aren't the most knowledgeable about "art stuff" and often walk away confused, but Lego is something we know and love. The exhibit let visitors build their own version of a city skyline, filled with funky towers and even scary monsters! We easily spent an hour here.

Summit, Mt Maunganui
We were in Tauranga last weekend to celebrate my mother's 50th birthday. This was where my family visited on our first ever road trip so it was nice to come back again so many years later as a family. This photo was taken at the top of Mt Maunganui after being so ill-dressed for the occasion (see: jeans and jandals). 

Al's Deli, Upper Queen Street, Auckland
One good thing about being back at work is all the lovely Friday lunch venues in town. We chose to visit Al's Deli this week to sample their delicious donuts. Do I even need to say how great the food was?

What are you grateful for this Sunday?


  1. Wow that picture of Mt Maunganui is spectacular. I often walk away from arty things with more questions than answers too!