Friday, November 21, 2014

The Engine Room

I sit here with the biggest grin on my face as I recount the best restaurant meal I've had in 2014. I know it's not the end of the year yet and some people might think I've jumped the gun, but I already know that no other eatery will compare.

It was my birthday and I knew Jason had something special planned. The Engine Room, located in trendy Northcote Point, is somewhere I've wanted to visit for a long time. We had heard nothing but great things about the food here and were eager to give it a try.

Lychee and Ginger Fizz - $16.00
I sipped my lychee and ginger cocktail while we looked around the room. It was still light outside and the restaurant was humming with conversation while some nondescript music played in the background.

My cocktail also had mint, kaffir lime and 42 Below Passionfruit Vodka. The result was something unbelievably fresh and it was nice to taste little bits of lychee and zingy ginger up the straw too.

While sipping on our drinks, we spent a long time staring at the wall. Not because there was a lack of conversation, but because the menu had been written there in meticulous handwriting. Our waiter tells us that Waiheke Island oysters and diamond shell clams are the specials of the night.

1/2 Dozen Waiheke Island Oysters - $24.00
Our oysters were extremely fresh and served simply with a vinaigrette and lemon wedge. Vinaigrette had a nice after taste but I preferred it just with the lemon. 

Complimentary Amuse Bouche 
While waiting for our mains, the kitchen sent out two small spoonfuls of Hapuka ceviche to further whet the appetite. The tender fish was well prepared and was complimented by a green salad. The mouthful was very fresh tasting and had great texture.

Zaatar Chook - $36.00
Not long after our amuse bouche, our mains arrived. I took a while to admire the presentation (and snap lots of photos) before starting.

The Zaatar Chook had a very light and crispy skin which crackled beneath the knife. The spice was subtle but crept up on me with each mouthful. The roasted fig and tahini mellowed out the spice and provided a nice sweetness and creaminess to the dish. Pomegranate were included in the tasty saffron pilaf and provided a nice burst of juiciness.

Pork Shoulder - $34.00
We could smell the coconut rice before it even hit the table. Although it wasn't the star of the dish, the fragrant rice was the perfect accompaniment to the pork shoulder. The tamarind sauce fully penetrated the pork and it easily fell apart on my fork and . The fresh green papaya and lemongrass salad, along with the tangy tamarind sauce balanced out the fattiness. Every bite was delightful.

All the components on my dish were finished at the same time which shows how expertly the portion size of each element was thought out.

New York Cheesecake - $16.00, Natalia's Valrhana Truffles $3.50 each
The New York Cheesecake was beautifully baked and came with a chocolate top which was soft enough so that it wouldn't be too hard to cut. It had a silky smooth centre and a very soft crumbly base. My fork glided through it effortlessly and every bite was delicious. The acidity of the strawberry and raspberry couli cut through the creaminess and brought balance to the dish.

The truffles were very decadent with a hard milk chocolate outer and silky ganache centre. It wasn't overly sweet but enough to balance out the cocoa outside. This went great with my tea and was the perfect finish to the night.

It was quite fitting that the best meal of the year was accompanied by the best service we have received. Our water was very attentive without being intrusive and did a superb job even though he was looking after half of the restaurant! This was the first time we had ever had an entire conversation about the quality of the service and the first time we had ever felt compelled to tip our server. 

By the time we left, the sun was setting. We were completely satisfied.

How will I outdo Jason for his birthday?

The Engine Room is located at 115 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Auckland, New Zealand


  1. Great review! Love the new look of your blog too!

    1. Thanks Panda :) I'm slowly teaching myself Photoshop - the header took me so long!

  2. Yes, I have great things about this place and this certainly lives up to those reports - love the look of those oysters!

  3. Dear Lucy,

    Happy birthday and best wishes to you. The skin on that Zaatar chook maryland looks super crispy!

  4. What a perfect choice Jason made. Hmm topping it sounds like a challenge but I'm sure you can find something great!