Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wedding moments and some thank yous

I can't believe that Jason and I have been married for a month and a half now. I often get asked if anything feels different and to be perfectly honest, everything feels much the same. Jason says that if things change after you get married, you must be doing it wrong!

The bridal party
It doesn't seem like that long ago that Jason got down on one knee by the tree swing on Takapuna Beach and asked me to marry him. I remember it well because a family set off fireworks as soon as I said yes (this, of course, was unplanned.. it just happened to be close to Guy Fawkes Day). Everything after that went by in a blur -we headed off to Europe and China for two months, gathered our friends and family for an engagement party, celebrated a years' worth of birthdays, attended some of our friends' weddings -all while trying to put together one of our own. 

Double Happiness and bright balloons
We were very lucky that our parents and fantastic bridal party were very helpful and supportive through the planning process -my mother in particular, for making sure that Chinese elements were present throughout the day. All the decorations at home were prepared by my mother and aunt who stayed up until 2am to ensure I would be surprised the wedding day! It was absolutely perfect.

Traditional red bedding for the wedding room
The sheets had been changed to red with a bride and groom dressed in traditional wedding clothes. Above the bed was another paper cutting of the double happiness symbol. 

The little details
Finding flowers the day after Valentines Day turned out to be a real chore. Luckily, Jason took that task upon himself and, after contacting countess florists, found the lovely Maya of Tango Flowers who was willing to make up some bouquets and button holes after a busy day. 

The lovely ladies at Jessica Bridal helped me find my perfect dress about 9 months in advance and worried over my fittings and alterations so I didn't have to -poor Jessica and Sophie had to trim all 8 layers of my dress to match my height! 

Double Happy cake and the pumphouse
Our cake was created by the expert team at Sweet Bites Cakes who managed to turn our vague ideas into something beautiful and tasty. We had a blast at the cake tasting and managed (after a lot of indecisiveness) to settle on black forest, lime and coconut and passion fruit for each of the layers. The golden double happiness symbols were my favourite touch.

Sarah and her team at Carringtons Pumphouse did a wonderful job of keeping us on track throughout the day and was pretty much our saviour when things ran a little late. 

Us and our guests
We picked the date of February 15th because we wanted a summer wedding and we were told, by numerous sources, that the best weather for each month falls on a full moon (apparently this only works in New Zealand). It turns out that the advice was very sound -the sky was clear but the day was not too hot and provided the perfect lighting for photos!

Our friends and family
Being able to catch up with our family and friends that we rarely see was a great part of the day. It's unfortunate that we don't get to see each other that often but it was amazing that over 100 loved ones made the effort to attend our wedding, especially those who came from overseas!

We didn't even realise Chris was up a this tree!
Our photographers, Brooke and her brother Chris (from Brooke Baker; photo taker, magic maker) were absolute stars. Their bright and bubbly personalities put everyone at ease and, using their superb ninja skills, they were able to get some truly fantastic shots -from up high in a tree, behind some bushes and even in my closet!

Cutting the cake
The day itself went by like a blur. I remember a bit of crying,not much eating and laughing until my cheeks hurt. I remember suggesting to Jason, when the planning became a little overwhelming, that we should just elope escape the big party. But looking back on it now, I realise that it wouldn't have been the same without the presence of those who have played important part of our lives.

I'd like to say big thank you to everyone who played a part in our magical day. The dancing at the end of the night wouldn't have been as much fun without you guys to crump with.

Thank you to Ryan, Fiona and Cynthia who played the part of ring bearer and flower girls so wonderfully and stood so well during the ceremony.

Thank you to all the vendors who came through for us and made the day completely stress free for us.

Thank you to Brooke and Chris who stayed extra hour because they "were having too much fun" and sending us an awesome package including a jar of m&ms. You know us so well!

Thank you to Moody who provided us with funny jokes throughout the night and made sure the day ran to schedule. I'm pretty sure all the aunties are completely in love with you now.

Thank you to the groomsmen -Dylan, Zach and James -for looking super handsome in their suits and keeping Jason calm.

Thank you to my bridesmaids -Grace who made sure we got a jumping photo (one of my favourites), Jess who did a lot of my worrying for me and Asia who sewed up the bottom of my dress when I scraped it on the concrete. 

Lastly, I want to thank Jason who has proved time and time again just how great a team we are. Every decision we've made during the planning process, and throughout our journey together, has been incredibly easy and made without any dispute. 

I am filled with excitement for our future and the many challenges that we will face together.

You are my best friend.

All photos were taken by Brooke and Chris from Brooke Baker © Brooke Baker; Photo taker, Magic maker 


  1. Aww I love your photos Lucy and Jason! I've been hoping that you'd share them with us and thank you for doing so! :D You look stunning in your dress and he's very handsome in his suit. You can just feel how happy everyone was :)

  2. Congrats on your wedding... gorgeous photos! You are a very beautiful bride. Thanks for dropping by at my blog, have followed yours ;) -Yen

  3. OMG, so happy to see your wedding photos! Congratulations Lucy and Jason! I love the wedding theme turquoise (or similar to that) color! Lucy, you look gorgeous in the wedding gown. Thank you so much for sharing your special moment with us!

  4. Congratulations what a gorgeous wedding - you guys look so happy! Love the cake too. I just had my wedding last Saturday :-)

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! You look so so so gorgeous!! And I agree...if things change after your get married, then something wasn't right to begin with!

  6. What beautiful photo's! Sounds like you had a lovely day and you have some amazing photo's to help preserve the memory of the day!