Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eurotrip, chapter 3: Osnabrück, Germany

... Continued from Eurotrip, chapter 2: Berlin, Germany

Shortly after our big pretzel in Berlin airport, we touched down in Osnabrück. I don't think it's a place people normally put on their travel list but we made a little detour to see my friend Luisa's home town. We arrived late in the evening, after a full day in transit, so it was nice to see a familiar face when we arrived.

On the way to town on a beautiful morning
Osnabrück was a very welcome stop for us as our poor feet were sore from days of walking and we were quite glad that we didn't have to stress out about public transport for a few days. We woke up the next day well rested and to gentle snow falling outside!

Streets of Osnabrück
Although it was snowing, it didn't feel very cold. We found that we didn't need to wear our thermals and could get away with just a down jacket. Luisa took us into town for a hearty breakfast buffet at Cafe Blatt and then for a walk through the town. 

The University of Onsabrück
Walking through the town reminded me of walking through a Disney movie. The cobblestone streets were incredibly tidy, lined with pastel houses and old timey lamp posts. The bare trees and snow just added to the charm.

Leysieffer Chocolate Boutique
On our way, we stopped into Leyseiffer which, Luisa said, is a must visit. They are a very well known German brand known for their incredibly indulgent and luxurious chocolates. There was a cafe in the rear end of the store with cabinets filled with delicious looking cakes and patisseries while the walls were lined with chocolatey treats. I took my time here to get a couple of slabs of chocolate as presents for the family. For the record, the Elderflower chocolate is delicious!

Small model of the town covered in snow
Schokokusses and putting up the Christmas tree
We wandered into a Christmas market before it started to get dark. It was far quieter than the ones we saw in Berlin which meant we could spend a little more time browsing without worrying about getting pushed around. The highlight trying my first Schokokuss, which is a sofr marshamallow covered in a very thin layer of chocolate.

After the markets, we stopped off at the local garden centre in Hunteburg for a Christmas tree to decorate with all things turquoise -Luisa's favourite colour.

Snow covered landscape
We were only able to stay a day here but it was great to be able to see an old friend again. We weren't there long but we left knowing a little more about what Christmas is like in Luisa's little corner of the world. 

Next stop: Paris, France


  1. Aww you look so rosy cheeked and cute in that pic and so happy too! I love Christmas Markets-they really help make Christmas special!

  2. ¨ * ¨ * ¨ * Happy Holidays * ¨ * ¨ * ¨ *