Saturday, October 6, 2012


5 years ago, a little Chinese girl sat on the grass outside the Owen G Glen building of Auckland University getting steadily more annoyed because her best friend hadn't arrived yet and they had promised to attend their first ever Engineering lecture together. 

Engineers doing what they do best.

It's hard to believe that we made it through four years of hard work and have found ourselves respectable jobs now -we even made some amazing friends and equally amazing stories! Now that I have worked for over a year, university seems like a lifetime ago and work life just seems to get in the way of socialising. Tuesday, however, was a different story.

Two very happy graduands
Tuesday was graduation.

While the weather threatened to bucket down many times, we managed to stay dry during the procession from the University to the Town Hall (only the Law faculty got wet *hehe*). Most of us Engineering kids took the day off work to visit the old haunts, take photos and reminisce. 

Jason getting capped

Although the days of skiving off lectures to hang out in the sun are long gone, it's nice to know that we can still get together and talk as if no time has passed.

Getting capped
Two very happy graduates
Hope you enjoyed/thanks for putting up with the pictures. I'll be back with a recipe very very soon ♥

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