Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prawn and Cheese Risotto

Approximately every 4 years, I tell myself that I'm going to take up running or swimming or a competitive team sport. It probably won't come as a surprise to you that these moments happen to coincide with the Summer Olympic Games every year.

I get super inspired, go for runs and join gyms until my enthusiasm inevitable fizzles out (which just happens to coincide with the end of the Olympic Games) and I'm stuck with a gym pass that I will only use once a month.

Sauté prawns with garlic until just before they're done.
This time I am 4 years older and, hence, 4 years wiser. Instead of rushing out to buy a gym pass or new running shoes, I stayed in bed and made a mental list of Olympic sports I could seriously consider and then reasons why it would never work:

  1. Diving - don't like heights or deep water.
  2. Equestrian - not rich enough to own a horse (and I don't understand this sport).
note: anything that requires large amounts of movement or generally being fit has automatically been taken off this list on the account that I have no stamina whatsoever.

These were the ones I was left with:
  1. Shooting - Pro: doesn't seem like there is an age limit. Con: have terrible eyesight and not very good at keeping still for long periods of time.
  2. Under 58 kg Women's Weightlifting - Pro: I fit the criteria. Con: cannot lift anything over 15kgs. Extra Pro: would be awesome if I could lift Jason.
Waiting for the wine to evaporate.
So in conclusion, I stopped myself before rushing out to buy weights or a horse and, instead, have started going swimming with Jason. We actually started a couple of months before the start of the Olympic Games so the chances of keeping this activity up is quite high (and besides, Jason is a great motivator).

Mixin' in the goodies.
It's probably best that I leave the real athletes to it. Meanwhile, I'll be sticking to what I do best -eating. This creamy risotto is one of my favourites to make when I have a bit of time on my hands.It is packed with all sorts of goodies and is a great way to get little kiddies to eat their veggies=)

Prawn and Blue Cheese Risotto (Serves 4)
(An original Lucyeats recipe)

1 1/2 cups arborio rice
1 cup dry white wine
4 cups chicken stock (or veggie)
1 Tablespoon olive oil + 2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Zucchini, sliced into rounds approximately 0.5cm thick
4 Brussel sprouts, chopped
6 or so medium sized button mushrooms, sliced (or use portebello if you're feeling fancy!)
2 cloves garlic, chopped roughly
200-300g fresh prawns, shelled and deveined (you can chop them up if you like, but I think they look nicer whole)
80g good blue cheese, crumbled
Handful of fresh basil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat 1 Tablespoon of olive oil and add garlic until fragrant. Add the prawns and sauté until just before they're done (approximately 1-2 minutes). Set aside.
2. In a saucepan, heat 2 Tablespoons of olive oil. Add the rice straight away and stir to coat with oil. Allow this to 'toast' for a minute.
3. Add the wine. Allow to evaporate before adding a ladle of stock and stirring until it is absorbed by the rice. 
4. Add another ladle of stock and continue to stir until absorbed. Repeat this step until you have used up 4 cups of stock.
5. Before the 5th cup, add in all your veggies and stir.
6. Continue stirring and adding stock until you have used it all up. Check the rice is translucent - if there are still white specks in the rice, you may need a few more ladles of stock.
7. When all the stock has been absorbed, take it off the heat and mix in the blue cheese and prawns immediately, allowing the heat to finish off cooking the prawns.
8. Divide the risotto between 4 bowls and top with a grinding of pepper and some fresh basil to serve.


  1. Oh this looks so delicious! I love blue cheese!

    I laughed at your story, it was so funny, the amount of money I have spent on gym memberships that haven't been used would feed an impoverished town... sad but true.

    I have realised the error of my ways also!

  2. LOL Lucy, I loved this post! I always have fantasies of doing sports. Sadly a complete lack of ability in them means that it will never become a reality.

  3. i'm always impressed when someone makes a good risotto, and this can totally be described as such. nice job!

  4. I feel that way every time I watch the Olympics or see Cirque du Soleil. LOL But then, I love food too much to give up the carbs and desserts getting into such Olympic shape would require.

  5. Prawns in anything has to be delicious. Great risotto recipe.

  6. Lol, just wait one year they will make cooking and eating an Olympic sport and you'll be in for sure:-) lovely risotto.

  7. Haha I think the Olympics inspires that feeling in pretty much everyone! Then I realize I'll have to take steroids in order to ever have a six pack...

    Nope I'd much rather eat! This risotto sounds awesome!

  8. Thanks for the post; it has blog to be exactly I needed. I appreciate the information, well thought for anybody. Thank you !

  9. LOL! You are funny. I don't even dream or think about "trying" anymore...I'm too lazy to even stand up from a chair. :D I love risotto and adding prawns is a nice choice! Yummy!

  10. Dear Lucy,

    You are hilarious. I used to run by find that the cross-trainer in the gym is so much more efficient and kinder on knees and joints in the long run with the higher level of cardio workout. Some say it's boring but with a TV screen, the 1 hour just whizzes by.

    Your risotto looks good and I think I would be pretty happy even with just the prawns, cheese and mushrooms.

  11. I find exercising with a partner is definitely better, I'm more motivated! I love the look of your risotto too :)

  12. well at least you're giving sports some serious consideration--you're taking it a step farther than most people ever do. :)
    great dish--love that cheese!