Thursday, November 2, 2017

Brunch at Feriza's

Now that I am on maternity leave, trips into Auckland's CBD are rare and far between. So, whenever I am catching up with friends, I grasp the opportunity to pick one of the new and interesting restaurants that are popping up faster than I can visit them!

I had seen many pictures of the beautiful dishes at Feriza's come across my instagram feed so I knew I had to visit.

Feriza's has a very welcoming interior with a high ceiling and a big open space. The floor is lined with beautiful Mediterranean patterned tiles, while the deep blue and green walls have quite a calming effect. We chose a seat by the window so we could enjoy the sunny day.

Perhaps it was because we had sat in the corner, but it took a while for our waitress to bring over water and menus. Our orders also had to be taken twice as she had neglected to write them down the first time. 

Salep - $7.50
I ordered a Salep, which was under the "something special" portion of the menu. The drink is a traditional Turkish milk drink that is thickened with starch, giving it a smooth, silky texture similar to watery porridge. It tasted like rice milk and was spiced with cinnamon. I enjoyed the flavour of the Salep but I didn't feel refreshed due to its thick texture.

Flat White - $4.50
The flat white was well made and had a robust flavour - as good as any great cafe on Auckland.

Feriza's Benedict with Bacon - $18.00 + $6.50
Feriza's Benedict was served atop pieces of spinach and feta gözlemes. The eggs were perfectly poached and the acidity from the grilled tomatoes cut through the creaminess of the dish. The highlight of the dish was the gözleme which was chewy yet delicate - I could have eaten dozens on their own! Feriza's Benedict is interesting enough without the addition of bacon and, at $6.50, I probably wouldn't do it again!

Feriza's Crepes - $18.00
The sweet gözlemes came filled with orange zest ricotta and decorated with maple syrup and pistachios. They had a wonderfully elastic texture and were quite delicate. I thought it was a nice, light alternative to the usual french toast or waffle dishes that can be quite heavy.

Menemen - $19.00
My favourite dish was the Menemen, which involved scrambled eggs with slow roasted capsicum, tomato, and onion. The warm savoury mixture had a delicate fluffy texture and very robust, inviting flavours that just danced on the palate. The soft turkish pide was the perfect vessel for scooping up the eggs - I would happily have this for breakfast every day!

Despite the average service, I would definitely return to Feriza's - after all, I am all about the quality of the food. 

Feriza's can be found at 7/12 Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand.

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